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 Harry Robert and Jeri Fox's Home Page 


 Harry Robert and Jeri Fox

Harry Fox was born April 26, 1921, in Japan, to missionary parents where he lived until he was 14. His family of nine returned to the US in 1935 where he spent the next twelve years getting an education from the eighth grade through four years of college, and a graduate degree in Theology. He attended Lipscomb, Harding, and Pepperdine Universities, followed by a year of special studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York, after which he and his wife Jeri went to Japan in 1947 as a result of General MacArthur's call to send missionaries from the US in order to help rebuild Japan after the war. They served as missionaries there for ten years. During that time, he assisted in establishing Ibaraki Christian College, a four-year liberal arts college in the city of Hitachi (90 miles North of Tokyo), which now has a student enrollment of 4,000.

He is now retired from his job at the Dept. of Social Welfare for the County of Los Angeles, but still serves as minister and Bible School teacher upon occasion. He lives with his wife Jeri in Oceanside, CA. He does not yet have Internet access, but he is a diligent correspondent and would welcome your letters, questions, or comments.

Harry was the first one to share with me God's glorious plan for His creation, (the Gospel, the "good news") written before the foundation of the world, and I take great pleasure in introducting Him to our "Glory Road" readers. Enjoy! Jan.


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 They do not have e-mail, but you may write to them at

Harry R. and Jeri Fox

276 N. El Camino Real, #60, Oceanside, CA 92058 (Snail Mail)

Poem celebrating his 80th birthday, by Jan Antonsson

The Glory Road

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