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In Memory of Baby Jessica

by Jan Austin Antonsson


Our baby girl came to us,

to bless our life on Earth.

She brought us love and so much joy

from the moment of her birth.

We thought we'd have her longer.

We didn't know she'd leave,

but, she went back home to God,

leaving us to grieve.

We know her stay was special;

her life, a beacon bright.

She showed the path for us to walk

that leads us to the light.

We don't understand the mystery

of God's eternal plan,

or why He chose to live His life on Earth

through us, through mortal man.

He covers us with grace and peace,

enough to soothe our pain,

because we know our baby's home,

and we'll hold her once again.

God, gave us the grace to carry on;

please help us through the night,

to find the bright and shining star

that floods our souls with light.

When our days on Earth are done,

and we join her up above,

we'll see her face, and know God's grace

and His abiding love.


by Jan Austin Antonsson

July 19, 1995

(In loving memory of Jessica Hull).

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