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by Jan Austin Antonsson

November, 1998

Reissued, 2008

A lament for the turkey, that overstuffed bird,

a dirge as mournful as we've ever heard.

Our fine feathered friend died for a good cause,

an icon of the season, like raindeer paws.

Trussed up and stuffed up and crammed in the oven;

yams and pecan pies still say, "lovin."

Family and friends and kids and the spouse,

all know the way to Grandma's house.

And now, our prayer for you, dear friends,

is that your season of thanksgiving never ends.

We wish you love and laughter, fun and good cheer,

a marvelous, splendiferous Thanksgiving this year!

Love and hugs to you and yours from

Jan & Lenny Antonsson

The Glory Road

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