Fleeing Babylon

by Jan Austin Antonsson

Remember Babylon? here's a little relic

to put into your trunk,

to remind you why this city

became gross piles of junk. 

So, when you see the smoke arise

and hear the merchants scream

and watch the traders running out,

don't think it's just a dream. 

You'll know the prophets, priests, and seers

spoke the solemn truth

when they said, "Flee this place! She's doomed,

she's damned, forsooth!" 

For God has judged her sin and vice,

her harlotry condemned.

Even though she may look quite nice,

she's facing death's grim end. 

And those seduced by her allure

who coveted her desire,

will find themselves in God's embrace

in the lake that burns with fire; 

even there, they'll find that grace abounds
to burn off all their dross,
and everything they thought was good,
they'll count as only loss. 
So if you have the ears to hear,
flee from Babylon's fate.
Enter into the garden of God;
turn right at mercy's gate. 
Stroll beneath the tree of life
on either side of the river,
walk with God, and see His face,
and hold His hand forever.
By Jan Austin Antonsson, October, 1996

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