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What a beautiful sight in the day's dying light;

the fireworks were ready to go.

The kids were excited; the town was invited,

to a spectacular July 4th show.


To the golf course they came,

'twas a clear night, no rain.

The fire engines were all in place.

The loud speakers blared; the first rocket flared,

and flew straight up into space.


It fell down with a crash, and in a great fiery splash,

set all the fireworks ablaze.

The explosion was loud. It scattered the crowd,

who ran away scared and amazed.


This show they were touting,

after the shouting,

was never to be seen again.

It took less than a minute to ignite everything in it,

nothing was left that had been.


The fireworks were over; and only burned clover

marked the spot where they lay.

The children were crying as the rockets lay dying.

What a sight on that very sad day.


The town was discouraged, but these folks have courage,

and they put aside their fear.

They stopped their stressin'; counted their blessings

and began collecting funds for the next year.

June 29, 2000

Jan Antonsson

Post Script: This is a true story. It happened at the Neosho Golf Course. I'm not sure about the year. J.A.

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