Back To The Farm 


 Echoes from my childhood, softly whispered, barely heard.

Memories of the past enfold me; a look, a sound, a word,

carry me back to yesteryear to places long ago,

when love imprinted the tender heart,

and the soul began to grow.


Safe and warm in mother's arms, approval in daddy's face,

wrapped in the arms of family; the world - a safer place.

Inside, the little girl still waits,

though changed in form and tone,

to hear the words, "You're safe; you're loved, my child;

you're welcome to come home."


Families come in many hues, from black to very bright.

God uses them to lead us from darkness into Light.

For years I've wandered away from home,

from family far apart,

but they have traveled with me,

in chambers of the heart.


Memories of my childhood, another time, another place,

point me to the source of love: the Father's smiling face.

Then we'll know as we are known,

our fears all fled away,

as we walk safe and loved,

through the Father's kingdom day.

  by Jan Austin Antonsson

May 14, 1998

Dedicated to my Mother, Maxine Austin

Jan & Lenny Antonsson

590 W. Carlisle Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91361 (Snail Mail)

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