Tuesday Morning


By Jan Austin Antonsson

 Steely skies soar above the green,

green grass of home.

The old tractor sits waiting by the barn,

wondering if its owner will return or

what its fate may be - the scrap heap?

the empty silo where the other farm has-beens

found their final repose?

or usefulness in the field once more?


The farm is old, stretching back

through generations of

joy, pain, loss, madness and faith.

The land defines me in abundance,

sometimes in lack.

Clumps of dirt, rocks, a yard full of salad greens,

unmowed hay, walnut trees, the aging barn

speak to me of God's care, His grace,

His sovereignty, His election.

Like the tractor, the land, the weeds, the hay,

I await the Master's hand.


by Jan Austin Antonsson

May 19, 1998

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO (Snail Mail)

"The Glory Road"


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