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April, 2001

Neosho, MO

I walked to the door of my tomb today; the stone at the entrance was rolled away. I went outside; the weather was fine; the light was perfect, "sonlight" divine.

But what about all the stuff still inside? The things I'd long been trying to hide? The ego and pride and the people pleasing, fear and worry, which my soul was seizing; the heartache and stress of emotional pain that clutched my heart again and again. The guilt for sins long ago forgiven, held on to without any logical reason.

What should I do, Lord, with this debris? If I carry it with me, I'll never be free.

"Leave it behind, child. It belongs in the tomb; you come with me, into God's womb, where you'll become a son of the Most High. Gifted eternal life, you will never die. Reach out your hand and take hold of me. I'll never leave you and you will always be free."

I asked for courage to take the next step; as I took the Lord's hand, my heart in me leapt, to think that I could walk away from that mess, just leave it behind, and I have to confess, that at first I felt naked without my woes, which used to cover me from my head to my toes.

"Cheer up, and be glad," He said with a smile, "You'll never miss them, not even once in awhile."

So the two of us walked away hand in hand, to a brighter day in a far better land. I was raised from the dead, no tomb for me; the kingdom surrounds us where all are free. There's room on this journey for you to come too; leave your troubles behind. They will but hinder you. The Glory Road beckons, paved with pure gold, with sights and blessings great to behold.

As we travel with Him, we observe the story, that He's writing in us, full of grace and glory. Our journey into freedom is one step at a time, here a little, there a little, written line upon line. When God's womb is through forming His son, the struggles will be over, and all battles won.

Written April 2, 2001

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850

"We are risen from the dead,"


The Glory Road,

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