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When we come into the world,

we haven't got a lot,

no clothes, no shoes, no diamond rings,

no window and no pot.


We're pinched and cramped and wrinkled.

It was such a narrow space

from that warm and cozy womb,

to this cold, unfriendly place.


We're hungry, wet and cold

shivering with brand new fears;

and with a little help from doc,

soon we're crying many tears.

What planet are we on?

It seems such a foreign place.

We're ready to go on back

until we see her face.

She beams at us with pride

and joy at what she's done.

She gave the world a wonder child,

bright shining as the sun.

 "Thank you" isn't much to say

for all we put you through.

But we hope you think it's worth it

because we really do love you!

For my mother, Maxine Austin, Mother's Day, 2000

from all her progeny


And Happy Mother's Day to all mothers on "The Glory Road" from


Jan and Lenny Antonsson

 17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

The Glory Road

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