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Adam and Eve were asked to leave. They missed the point,

 got expelled from the joint.

 Abe, Isaac, and Jacob too,

 hassles and grief, they all lived through.


Israel hammered God to get their way;

 He anointed Saul, "King for a day."

 Their "true King" was really Dave,

 who beat up the Philistines; what a save!


Time rocked on in Israel;

 wicked king after king kept them in hell.

 Finally God said, "Enough is enough!"

 He sent King Neb to do his stuff.


Out of Babylon, penitent they came,

 to rebuild the wall, the temple, the name. 

El Shaddai, creator of light

lives to give the blind their sight.


Messiah came, clear as a bell

to deliver us all from death and hell.

Creator of heaven, Master of earth,

His life gifts us a brand new birth,


Victor over death and sin,

He opened the gates, and invites us in

to live in the garden forever with Him,

cleansed and glorified, we begin again.

Written on 7/26/01 for the Saints at Medicalodge, Neosho, MO


Jan and Lenny Antonsson


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