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"Judgment Day! Judgment Day!" Thunders in my ear,

billowing clouds of blackness, terror, dread and fear.

"Judgment Day! Judgment Day!" Rumbles through my soul

imploding walls and barricades, leaving a gaping hole.


Flames and smoke, heat and fire cause a dreadful loss.

All that's left is silver and gold. God has burned off all the dross.

All my works are gone up in smoke, ever circling higher

leaving me bereft, alone, but I am saved by fire.


Nothing stands between me and my precious Father God,

and I begin the journey, that many Saints have trod.

I walk down the highway, that Kingdom Glory Road,

taking with me only what the Father has bestowed.


What wonders meet my eyes as I am drawing near,

the firmament is brighter, the colors true and clear.

God's creation surrounds me, wonders on every side

until I reach the banks of Jordan's lovely tide.


I enter the river where flows the water of life,

leaving behind all sorrow and sickness and strife.

I come at last to Him who sits upon the Throne,

He greets me with love and calls me His very own.


He says, "Rest and refresh yourself; sit down and visit a spell

because I have a task for you, lots of folks for you to tell,

that all my judgment was poured out on Him, my Resurrection Lamb,

that through Him the world will know the love of the I Am."


He sent me back and gave me words that all will want to hear,

for they will ease the pain and take away all fear.

Spread the word across the land; tell each and every one,

that we are all forgiven, in Christ, God's firstborn Son.

Written for the Saints at Medicalodge and the world on 9/27/01

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)


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