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 Abe heard the voice of the living God,

"You shall inherit the land where your feet have trod."

He packed up his camels and went away glad,

heading for Canaan with all that he had.


His kids later left Egypt, following Moses' staff.

They obeyed God; yeah, now that's a laugh.

Moses stretched his rod out over the sea,

the winds rose; the waves parted, and they were free.


Joshua fit the battle of Jericho

and they traveled the Land, to and fro.

When they entered Canaan, they took a stand.

Many battles later, they conquered the Land.


Elijah and Elisha were two tough guys

who looked the trouble makers square in the eyes,

and said, "Move it, buster. God is coming through.

Repent, or you'll get what's coming to you."


They did not, of course, and God hauled them away

where they repented in sorrow, for many a day.

Daniel was God's chosen man of that hour.

His prophecies were sweet, though some were sour.


Isaiah was the prophet of all prophets to me

his words opened my eyes and caused me to see

that God is sovereign over His entire creation

the master of all in every nation.


All these heroes of faith looked ahead

and saw the Christ, who brought life to the dead.

By God's mighty hand, He arose from the grave.

By grace through faith, all men will be saved.

Written for the Saints at Medicalodge, Neosho, MO, on 10/26/01


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