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Lenny's Meditation 2/19/01

Neosho, MO

In answering your question, "How can God be all in all when there is so much sin in the world," in Eph. 4:6, it speaks of God as "one God, above all and through all and in all." These things have a great meaning when you fully understand them. What we have to do is go back to the beginning. Before anything was created, what was there? There was God and nothing else, no air, no light, no darkness, nothing at all. From that point, God started to create. If there was only Him there in the beginning, where did the creation come from? It came out of Him, totally out of God, and at the same time, we have to see that God was omnipresent. So everything that came forth from Him, stayed in Him because He is omnipresent and that's where we are right now, in God. Also, the text says that God created us "in His image and likeness" (Gen. 1:26), but what is God? "God is Spirit" (Jn. 4:24). Thus, it follows that, we were first created a Spirit in the image and likeness of God. This is in the first chapter of Genesis. If you look in the second chapter of Genesis, in the 5th verse, the very last line, it says, "There was no man in the earth to till the soil." God had not yet made our human frames out of the soil of the earth. In the second chapter, seventh verse, it says that God made Adam out of the soil of the earth. Adam was the human frame. It is not the real you. It is merely the natural, earthly form.

The real you is spirit. You, a spiritual being, were created in the first chapter of Genesis; Adam, the natural man, was made in the second chapter of Genesis. From this point, you see that we, as spirits, were made in the image and likeness of God, and since God is omnipresent, we are in God (Col. 3:3; I Jn. 4:15-16; Jude 1:1 ). We never left God and Adam was made out of the soil of the earth, a natural man, but he is still in God also, as is all of His creation. Therefore, God totally controls everything. He has total authority over everything that He has created. He has total rule over everything; He has total charge over everything; He has total power over everything. He has total dominion over everything and He is totally sovereign. This is why "there is one God, above all, through all and in all." On this, you can see that not only at the end, will God be all in all, but "He is all and in all" and He always has been all in all. "For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory for ever. Amen." (Rom. 11:36, RSV). What the church has taught us, which is part of the natural, is that we are natural human beings, but the truth is that we are spirit. Now the natural is temporary. The Apostle Peter said, "All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls" (I Pet. 1:24 & Isa. 40:6),

Our fleshly bodies are like many things in the Old Testament, which God said were a shadow of things to come. The law had to do with the natural man, our flesh, which is why it could never perfect us (Heb. 10:1), because we are spirits, created in the image and likeness of our heavenly Father. This is why Jesus told Nicodemus that we have to be born again (Jn. 3:3,5), so that our spiritual being, which died at the fall of man, could be regenerated. "He saved us, not because of deeds done by us in righteousness, but in virtue of his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit" (Titus 3:5, RSV). Though we are living in a natural temporal body, we ourselves are eternal because we live and move and have our being in God (Acts 17:28). "....By his great mercy we have been born anew to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and to an inheritance which is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you" (I Peter 1:3,4, RSV). And later in that same chapter, the Apostle Peter says, "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever" (I Pet. 3:23). To sum it up, God is all and in all now, but only those who have been regenerated can see it. At the end of the age, "all flesh will see it together" (Isa. 40:5).

Lenny Antonsson

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