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Lenny's Meditations, January, 2001

Neosho, MO

As I was walking, I heard God saying, "That they all may be one," and then He repeated it again. He said, "That they all may know that they all are one in me." Now, when God spoke that to me, it was "rhema," (Strong's # 4487, "that which is or has been uttered by the living voice, thing spoken, word"), life giving words coming directly from the Spirit of God to me. As I heard those words in my mind later, and as I repeated them verbally, what I was concentrating on in my mind and repeating was only logos ("something said, including the thought," Strong's Bible Lexicon, # 3056). It was not the life giving word right from God anymore. Yes, the life was still there, but I was saying it and it was logos. The next day, it was less life giving even though it was still logos. I was saying it and repeating it in my mind, but it contained less and less life because that is the nature of logos. Only when it comes directly from God is the word life giving rhema, and when we repeat it to others afterwards, it is only logos. It is true that logos is very, very powerful, but it does not have that life giving fullness that God produces.

We can even go further with this and take it down to the basic element of the natural being. Paul the Apostle said that the letter kills, but the Spirit makes alive (II Cor. 3:6). In our humanity, when we use the Bible or anything that God has said to someone a long time ago, or that someone is repeating that somebody is repeating that someone else heard God say, it is no more than a dead word, and it kills. It has no life in it anymore. This is why God makes us hungry for Himself so that we will come and receive directly from Him. Nothing compares with the rhema. When I heard those words, "That all may know that they are one," there was so much life in it, I actually felt like it was spring time, even though this happened on a cold, winter's day when I was walking. The sun was shining but it was cold and windy, and yet, when I heard the words, I felt like looking for the flowers that must be springing up. . I had total new life in me when I experienced it. Why? Because it was rhema; it was life giving, it was the breath of God breathing life and love and warmth to me. Gradually, that dissipated. The next day, it was almost gone. I still enjoyed it a little bit more, but the reason that God allowed it to dissipate is so that we don't stay there in one place, so that we will seek Him for more.

This is why some religion is so dead. Other religions have some life in them and there are some places where God continuously manifests Himself in on going revival. The point is that rhema is produced from God, not from man. It is so life giving that continuous life is being given to the people. In the old days, we called these times of God breaking through, revivals. God was continuously manifesting Himself and feeding people. The life was going forth from the Spirit of God, but after awhile, it dissipated, and the ministers were trying to conjure up that life giving force by themselves, on their own until gradually, gradually, it waned away, dissipating more and more, until that movement of the Spirit just became another dead religion. The people started adding man's wisdom, man's knowledge, man's way of doing things to that force that had been there, to try to make it into something that it used to be. God is new everyday and we have to come before Him everyday, not in our own strength, not in our own effort, but just wait before Him until He renews our life everyday. The manna in the wilderness was a shadow of this real thing to come. They were to gather it every day, and if they tried to gather enough for the following day, it rotted and stank. The life giving experience that we talk about, which is rhema, is new everyday, just like the manna of old. The minute we try to share it with someone else, it becomes logos. There's nothing wrong with that; we need to share with others so that each person can get hungry enough to personally come to God and receive their own rhema from God. Of course, there are times when the rhema flows directly from God through a person to other people because they need to experience it, and when that happens, there is usually a mighty stir in that place, as we said, a revival. When that is happening, God is encouraging people; He is giving them life to experience so that they will in turn, come to Him to receive that very life all the time.

Revival usually starts with God flowing in rhema through one person for the benefit of many, and that can last for a long time, but gradually He weans people from that, and they are encouraged to come to Him for their own food, for their own rhema. When they share with each other back and forth, it is only logos. The life is still there somewhat, but after a while, that really fades away, and then, it is time for each individual to come to God to receive that life giving word to carry them forward. So many times, people have tried to replace that rhema with something else, with structure, with classes, with new gimmicks or new programs. God wants each one of us to come to Him daily as He causes hunger within us so that we can receive directly from the word of life. The strongest action that we can ever receive from God is rhema directly from God, full of life and glory and energy and light and love.

Father, you are flowing forth in yourself to comfort, feed and heal, just like the blood flows throughout our body. The day will come when the rhema will flow through us continuously 24 hours a day, all the time, eternally, and that day, Paul the Apostle calls the "manifestation of the sons of God" (Rom. 8:19). That is when we will be totally free.

Lenny Antonsson

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