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Lenny's Meditations, May 16, 2001

Greeley, CO

Just like man's sperm enters into a woman's egg in her body, and impregnates her, and from there on, a new being is being developed in the woman, exactly the same thing happens when we come to Jesus and ask Him to take over our lives. He causes us to come alive spiritually. His seed or sperm enters into our spirit which is the egg, and the sperm and the egg grow up in union to become one new spiritual being. It is not just the egg growing up, which is our spirit, but it is the sperm and the egg that grow up together. And that is so clear in Gal. 2:20, which says that we have been crucified with Christ. We see that we were in Christ when He was crucified. We died with Him. We have been crucified with Christ, yet we live, but it is not us living. It is Christ living and in through us. That's what we need to see, and from then on, we just mature more and more and more in God. We start understanding spiritual things better. We mature into being a spiritual being. Yes, there is a struggle from then on between the natural and the spiritual, because the spiritual starts taking over the natural. The struggle is there for a purpose, so the seed can grow up; so that the spiritual being within can mature. Without opposites, without the struggle, there can be no maturity. The spiritual being within would become a hot house plant and God does not want that. He causes that new spiritual being to come up against resistance so that it can mature, just as it happens in nature. All vegetation grows by opposites. There is rain and dry spells, heat and cold, light and darkness, all designed to make the plants grow.

Now this spiritual being is the real you. You were made in the image and likeness of God. In Genesis one, God said, "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness" (Gen. 1:26), and "God is a Spirit" (John 4:24), so you were made a spiritual being at that time. After that, God made Adam. He made a frame; He made a physical being out of the soil of the earth. And then, out of that frame that He had made out of the soil of the earth, you had a house to dwell in (II Cor. 5:1). It says that Adam became a living soul. In the garden, God put trees in there and He said clearly to Adam, "You cannot eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil." That's self effort, right there. "If you touch it or eat of it, in that day you will surely die." (Gen. 2:17). Who was He talking to? He was talking to Adam the spirit. Before they sinned, Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed (Gen. 2:25). God was bringing animals, birds, and fish and everything else He had created to Adam, and he was naming them. They had total fellowship with God. They saw what God was doing; they were interacting with God. After they partook of the tree, what happened? Instantly it says that they saw that they were naked and they were ashamed because of their nakedness. They had lost something of themselves, and they did not see God anymore. They only heard Him walking in the garden. They were afraid and they hid themselves (Gen. 3:10). This is the first time they had experienced fear and shame. Do you see the change? This change took place because now, Adam is just flesh and soul. The spirit had died. Communion with God had died. Now, this goes on and the Bible says that we are now dead in trespasses in sins (Eph. 2:1). We are dead spiritually, not physically.

We were dead spiritually because of sin. When we come to Jesus and ask Him forgiveness for our sins and ask Him to enter into us and be Lord of our lives and take over our lives, that's when this pregnancy takes place. He as the seed; He as the sperm enters into us and impregnates our spirit and causes our spirit to come alive. And the two in union grow up into a New being. We have been born again spiritually, regenerated (Tit. 3:5). The Apostle Peter said that we have been "born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever" (I Pet. 1:23). The Apostle Paul said that we have become a New Creation: "..old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new" (II Cor. 5:17-18). Why? Because now we are again a spiritual being. We are not body and soul; that is strictly our house. We are now a spiritual being again. This is our true nature; this is our true identification. We now see that our flesh had been living in trespasses and sins, opposite to God and then God came and gave us light. He shined the light into our darkness (Jn. 1:9; II Cor. 4:6) and we saw that Jesus had paid the price for all the sin and guilt and shame that we have been carrying. So, we reach out to Him in the light and we ask Him to come in, to impregnate us so we can be alive in Him again, alive in God. What we have to see is that He started the process. He shined His light into our lives so that we could see what we were; so we could see the darkness that we had lived in; so that we would be willing and hungering and thirsting to live in light, rather than in darkness.

What you have to see is that the law was put there to control your flesh as long as you were in trespasses and sins, but now, when the light of life has come to you, you are free from the law (Rom. 7:3; 8:2). The seed has entered into you. The seed is Christ (Gal. 3:16), and Gal. 3:19, says the law was there until the seed should come. The law leads us to Christ (Gal. 3:24). It showed us how sinful we were (Rom. 7:7-9), so we would be willing to look for something better than what we were. And now, that we have found it, we have been impregnated by the seed, by the light, by the Spirit of God and now the job of the law is finished. It has led us to Christ and now the law fades away (Heb. 8:13). We don't need it anymore. It has fulfilled its purpose. When you see that you have been resurrected with Christ, then the law just fades away from then on. You are living on the other side of the cross now. You are living in heavenly places with Christ, on the right hand of the Father. Spiritually, that's where you are right now. You have been born again. You were alive as spirit and then Adam sinned and your spirit died, and then Jesus came and shown His light into your life, and you accepted the light. You said, "Light, come in and take over my life," and Jesus impregnated you and you were born again spiritually, and you became alive spiritually, and now, you are putting aside the fall and the flesh and you are living in Spirit, in God continuously. Your spirit is not just you. Your spirit is in perfect union with God. It was God's seed, God's sperm that impregnated your spirit and you are now totally one with God. It is you and God, God and you dwelling together.

As long as you stay in the law, the law will try to convince you that the true you is the flesh because you are continuously working in the law and the law is to control the flesh, but you are not that anymore. You are spirit with God. You are one with God, and the flesh is only the house that you and God are dwelling in. There is great rejoicing when you understand that we are in Christ and Christ is in us and He is the seed to which the scriptures refer when it says that Abraham and his seed have a covenant with God. Christ is that seed (Gal. 3:16). We are included in that promise that Abraham had with God (Gal. 3:29). Don't try to struggle to get out of the law or anything else. God said to Abraham, "I will do all these things for you. Your family, your tribe will be like the sand of the seashore in multitude and like the stars of heaven. I will do this. I will make of you a great nation. I will make you a blessing to many nations." (Gen. 26:3, 24; 28:4, 13; Acts 3:25). God will do everything and this same covenant belongs to us. God will gradually revoke the law from you (Rom. 8:2, 4; Gal. 3:2-3,5; 5:18; Heb. 7:19; 10:1) ; God will seat you in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6); God will reveal Himself to you personally (Jer. 31:34; Hos. 6:3; Heb. 8:11); God will cause you to grow up into His grace (II Pet. 3:18). He is going to do it all! In the law, we think that we have to do for God. We are not in the law. We are not in the Mosaic covenant; we are heirs to the unilateral (one party) covenant God made with Abraham, where He said that He will do everything. We don't have to do anything at all. He will fulfill His promise in all of our lives. He said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me" (Jn. 12:32), and this is what is happening in your life. In Jude, it says clearly that He will keep you from falling and He will present you faultless before the "glory with exceeding joy" (Jude 24). As a newborn creature in God, put your total life into God's hands and He will bring you forth, gloriously.

Lenny Antonsson

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