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From Lenny's Meditations, 7/7/01

Neosho, MO

Let's talk about being born again. First of all, the words "born again" means that you were born spiritually at one time, but you died, and now you have been born over again. We were as spirits with God in the eternal, and then when we came into our earthen vessels, the earthen vessels destroyed our spirit and so our spirit became dormant within the earthen vessel and now the born again experience is just like the experience a man and woman have when they have intercourse. The sperm enters into the dormant egg that is within the womb and impregnates that egg. What I want you to see is that once that egg is impregnated, the sperm does not leave the egg, but the sperm has to stay in the egg and develop with the egg into a new creation, a new being. The egg itself cannot do that. It takes the egg and the sperm together to do that. It is the same thing in the born again experience. Our spirit is that dormant egg within our physical being and the Holy Spirit comes and impregnates our spirit, the egg, and the Holy Spirit has to stay there together with our spirit to develop into a new creation.

So many people think that it is just we alone who are trying to develop as Christians, but that is not true. It is the Holy Spirit and our spirit together that is being created into a new being by God. "Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come" (2 Cor. 5:17, RSV). Up to this point, the egg was dormant within our physical being and it had to be totally controlled and ruled by our physical being, but now, as the egg has been impregnated and there is a born again experience, we have put off these things of the natural body. The natural has nothing to do with this born again creation that is being formed within our physical body. Our physical body has now become the womb, inside of which, this new spiritual being is being developed. It is not just God in us and it is not just our spirit, but it is a combination of our spirit and God's Spirit developing within us, bringing forth a new creation. A spiritual wonder is being formed and developed and increased within us to the point where we are birthed forth as a total new creation, and I believe that this takes place when the word of God, being sharper than any two edged sword, separates soul and spirit (Heb. 4:12).

The spiritual being within the soul, within the physical body, has now been developed to a point where there has to be a separation of the two so that the spiritual being can soar into the eternal. This is the work of the sword of the Spirit. That new spiritual being is learning to live in the eternal day, in the eternal now, while at the same time, our physical being is living in time, space and gravity. There's a tremendous difference between the two areas of life. The physical does not want to give up the control and the rule over the egg and the egg is not an egg anymore. It is a new spiritual being, the combination of our spirit and God's Spirit has developed and been brought forth. The two are still living together, but there is a clear understanding that the sinful nature is the sinful nature and the spiritual being is the spiritual being and there is a total separation between the two even though they are living together. There is nothing more exciting than the new adventures of this new spiritual being, which I call the life giving spirit. We are going to give life and light to all creation. For this purpose, we have been born again. For this purpose, we were created, and for this purpose, all of the cosmos is yearning for the manifestation of the sons of God to come forth and bring them life and light. The eternal day is gradually opening up to all of us and we see what our purpose is in life. Our God is not someone high above us in heaven, but our God is one and we are in that One. "for 'In him we live and move and have our being'; as even some of your poets have said, 'For we are indeed his offspring'" (Acts 17:28, RSV). We are from Him, in Him, through Him, and to Him. And as we move in His omnipresence, everything becomes life and light and love.

The flesh was the womb and the new creation has come forth out of the womb so the flesh has been totally put aside, but it acts like a mother that has to control the child. It is not so. We have to tell our flesh to step aside and be ourselves in God. We are spiritual and the flesh is natural. The flesh must recognize that it has nothing to do with the spiritual part at all. Just like the spiritual part sees that it has nothing to do with the flesh. We have to recognize that the flesh is not the mother. It has nothing to do with the spiritual. God is both mother and father! Just like we were codependent to our children. We gave them money and gifts to try to control them to a certain extant, so the flesh is codependent to the new creation that we are, and it will try anything to try to control that new creation. The more we feel sorry for the flesh, the more control the flesh has over us as the new creation. It is exactly the same thing as our feeling sorry for our children for what they have to struggle and go through. Just like we have to step away from our children and not be able to help them so that they have to totally depend on God, so the flesh has to step away from us as the new creation to let the Father have His perfect way with us. "For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings" (Heb. 2:10, KJV).

Lenny Antonsson

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