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by Jan Antonsson


What a lovely sight, our flag, the one we call "Old Glory,"

Could she speak, she'd tell a wondrous freedom story.

The flag is but a symbol of what God in Christ has done.

Every foe is vanquished; every battle won.


Freedom is a gift from our Lord Jesus Christ,

who on the tree, for you and me, made the sacrifice.

Lest anyone should miss it, we were saved from death and sin,

from guilt and shame and worry that hindered life within.


A brand new spirit He gave us when we were born again,

caught up to heaven, we're seated there with Him.

The devil is defeated; there's nothing more to fear

for our awesome heavenly Father is always right here!

He is our anchor, our strength, our hope, our rock.

Sons and daughters of the King, we are birthed from holy stock.

"Under God" we are, and "Under God," we stand.

More than words, this is the truth that undergirds our land.


Our freedom comes from God, not from military might.

He's the light which ever burns, a beacon day and night.

America is free because God decreed it so,

the enemy may try, but they cannot bring us low.


With God in Him and Christ in us, what have we to fear?

This truth is self evident; we hold it very dear.

America is free, from sea to shining sea,

God's refuge, a GIFT for you and me.

 Written 6/30/02 for the Saints of the world.

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

"Independence Day,"

The Glory Road

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