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I began to enter into rest in May of ninety eight, leaving home and land and family and a job I'd come to hate. Wrestling with an angel left me crippled in my thigh, as all I knew how to do, slowly began to die.


Prayers and advice from friends, though they meant me well, did nothing to help, and plunged me deeper into hell. It was not my own idea to enter into rest. God knows, I always tried to do my very best.


"You have to struggle and strive," is what I always heard. "Any kind of resting will have to be deferred until you get to heaven, when it will be OK to sit. By then, you won't need your fight, your trying or your grit."


This resting on the earth at first seemed strange and very odd. Who's going to feed and clothe me? Can I leave this to God? My family thinks He won't, that I simply have to work; if I trust my care to Him, clearly, duty I have shirked.


Entering into rest means listening for His Word, the sweetest sound of grace and love that I have ever heard. I have followed Him to hell and back because I know I must. I found He's the only One who is worthy of my trust.


The irony of it all is, in death, I found my life. Resting means giving Him all my doubt and fear and strife. In resting, there is power to do what He calls me to, and grace to endure until the assignment is through.


Seated in the heavenlies, caught up to His throne, I see the love and glory which He's gifted to His own. Resting is the only way that we can flow in Him, back to the garden, where we begin again.


To walk with Him and talk with Him in a brand new day, with power to tell the hurting world of our Father's better way. Renewed, reborn, and glorified, our eyes are opened to see that we have rested in Him for all eternity.


Written 3:00 AM, 6/19/02, to commemorate my journey on The Glory Road.


"Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls" (Jer. 6:16, NIV).

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"Entering into rest without dying"

The Glory Road

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