Still and dry, the desert waits for God's unfolding plan.

Surviving, sometimes thriving without the help of man.

Burning sun and devil winds, cactus everywhere;

deadly without water. Cross it if you dare.

The dunes and mountains witness to the sculpting hand of God.

Joshua Trees and chaparral stand to give Him laud.

Longing for the glory which will bloom like a rose,

the desert groans and waits; its deprivation plainly shows.

Earth's rivers meander slowly in their journey to the sea.

When they detour through the desert, they will set the dry land free.

Rose and fig and pomegranate, blooms of every kind,

grain and fruit and flowering plants, enough to blow the mind.

All the deadly, wasting life, suddenly transformed;

flowering beauty everywhere will be the desert norm.

In every form, the mark of Cain will be forever gone,

as God the Son begins to reign in the New Creation dawn.

Wildly joyful, full of praise, done with pain and strife,

the desert will come alive with Resurrection Life.

If before you did not know it, now you soon will see

the desert's dry and barren life was a mirror of you and me.

When living water greets the dry and barren land,

at last we see what He designed in His ancient plan.

Arise, O barren wilderness, now a fruitful plain,

a garden planted eastward where we walk with God again.

Written on 3/21/02 in Sky Valley Park, California.

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850

The Glory Road

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