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God is the Man, the only One who can,

and the garden is the place, where He shows His face,

where the stuff hit the fan.

One bite of fruit sent them down the chute, running from the light

into the black of night, driving through the dark, no place to park,

they died from fear and fright.

Satan flashed a grin, thinking he could win, watching as they fell

farther into hell, in a death spiral spin.

Life was very grim, no peace or joy within, but deep within the Man,

the Father had a plan for victory over sin.

The blacker black became, the more twisted the game, God the Man knew

that who He is, is true, and He will take the blame.

He sent Himself to Earth, which was only death and dearth,

to bring grace and glory to a very somber story, soon to turn to mirth.

The end of the tale, through fire, wind and hail, is that God is One;

through His firstborn son, He is all in all, female and male.

The universe proclaims the One with many names,

who came through fire and flood, and by His precious blood,

each one of us reclaims.


All the angels knew, what God was going to do, bringing a new birth

to everyone on Earth, implanting new creation, to all in every nation,

for you and you and YOU! He drove out shame and sin, put Himself within;

because He loved them home, they had no wish to roam,

when they could be with Him.


Earth claps its hands in all the heathen lands.

We'll proclaim His rest until everyone is blest; victory He demands.

All are in the Son, where His perfect will is done; in primal power we live,

with His great love to give, to all from son to son to son. Selah!

(Written 9/29/02 for the Saints of the world).

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

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