High above the blue green orb, adrift in an infinite sea,

alone with God the Father, the Son, the Spirit and me.

My sorrows and woes are gone; my fears have fled away.

Nothing here but Spirit and me, in His endless Day.


I asked Him why the troubles, the sickness and the want,

the things I tried to do, which seemed to come to naught?

Why the sin and anguish, the sorrow and the strife?

Why the deprivation of my painful human life?


He said they were sent to me, from the Spirit realm above,

a gift from Him to show me His unconditional love.

It made no sense to my human brain, or to my feeble flesh,

which is why He said, my mind He would refresh.


A new script He placed in me, written by His own hand

with longings for and directions to His eternal promised land.

No longer was it I who tried and failed so miserably.

The victory is in Christ who lives His life through me.


I never wanted to leave this blissful, nourishing rest,

but when He sent me back, I knew it was for the best.

I was there not just for me, but for the world as well,

to whom I would be sent with wondrous news to tell:


The Deliverer comes from Zion, the light of every man,

to restore creation to Himself, to complete His ancient plan.

He always knew us, and He made it His decree

that from His Father's heart, all men would be made free.


The love and care and peace of God flowing from the throne,

woos, pursues, and captures us; all men He calls His own.

Now when things get tough and peace is far from me,

I recall the truth I learned while sailing the eternal sea.

Written 1/23/02, Sky Valley Park, for all the Saints in the World.


Jan and Lenny Antonsson

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