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I asked God for a poem, a snappy little rhyme,

a zippy little, bright and happy Christmas thought sublime.

I wanted something sunny, because the weather's cold;

it should be warm and loving, and also somewhat bold.

The thing I want to share in language very plain,

is the reason told so long ago of why the angels sang.

They're everywhere around us, all over planet earth,

assigned to watch and keep us, from the moment of our birth.

When you and I were born, they sang for joy and danced

they knew about our journey for ages in advance.

When walking along our path, sometimes we slipped and fell,

the angels helped us up, making sure that all was well.

They knew God had a plan for us, from the very start,

hidden from family and friends, it was in the Father's heart.

They smiled and laughed and clapped their hands with glee,

to see how much He loves us, you and you and me.

Jesus is our brother; God is our heavenly Dad,

the Spirit is there to guide us and make our hearts feel glad.

The angels are the G-men, God's secret service troop,

who work and play beside us, alone, or in a group.

Next time you're worried, or are feeling quite alone,

remember the heavenly sentinels sent out from the throne.

Listen for the music sung by the heavenly choir;

giving praise to God with voice and lute and lyre.

May the music of the universe, fill your soul with joy

as we remember the birth of that precious baby boy.

He's born again in willing hearts, ones not afraid

to welcome the Christ Child who's in our manger laid.

We'll join the heavenly chorus to announce God's Good News,

that Jesus died for all mankind; no one He'll ever lose.

As we go on our journey, back home from whence we came,

we'll never stop praising our heavenly Father's name.

If you enjoyed this rhyme, you may share it when you can,

for all of God's creatures are included in His plan.

We'll all sit down together at His banquet table of love,

and join in peace together, all on earth and in heaven above.

Any excuse will do to tell you we love you,

(Poem written 11/07/03 for all the Saints on earth.)


Happy Holidays from

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

(417) 455-0484 (Home phone)

The Glory Road

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