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The Easter Kitty

by Jan Antonsson


 "I'm just as good as dead," the Easter Bunny said,

"I'm old and tired and I deserve a rest.

I've had it with snow and ice, so I'm going somewhere nice,

warm and green and lush is best.

But where will I go, they will all want to know,

and who will do my job?

I really just can't stand it, though my fans demand it,

and some may think I am a snob.

Other rabbits won't do it, though there's not much to it,

perhaps a kitty will take the bait.

They are smart and skillful, though often bold and willful,

I will train one to be first rate."


So he found a cat named Mister, who agreed to leave his sisters

and learn the Easter Bunny game.

"I will let you know, every place you have to go.

and soon, you'll have glitz and fame."

So the tiny little cat, wearing the rabbit's tall top hat

tried to learn to hop.

"No, that's not it, you're giving me a nervous fit;

and you've really got to stop."


But Mister was having fun, wouldn't quit 'til he was done,

turns out he loved to play with eggs.

He rolled them down the hill, of the candy, ate his fill;

a suger high gave him wobbly legs.


"Do you always have to play? I don't have all day

to teach you how to be a bunny.

I've got the itch to go, to get away from all this snow,

so please stop trying to be funny."


With a little wave, Mister said he would behave,

because the job was lots of fun.

Soon he succeeded to get those eggs where they were needed

all done before the setting of the sun.


The Easter Bunny loved his rest; in the tropics he felt blessed

and Mister was a very happy cat.

All the children hugged him; they really really loved him,

and you can't beat a deal like that.

We know this poem is sappy, but if it makes you happy,

that will make us smile.

We send you Easter wishes, along with Easter hugs and kisses

enough to last a long, long while.


Happy Easter from Jan and Lenny, Baby, Taffy, and Mister


Written 2/17/03 for Hannah, Harrison, and Leah Dalrymple,

and everyone else who is young at heart.

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

We always enjoy hearing from you!


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