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Osama bin Bunny was one bad dude. He was sneaky and sly and really quite rude. He stole from the poor and swindled the rich; Just the sight of him made most folks twitch.

His poor mother was desperate; didn't know what to do. She threw up her hands saying, "That's it! I'm through!" She fell to her knees and began to pray, "Lord save my boy, and could you do it today?"

Osama was robbing an old man of his pension, when suddenly, he felt fear and great apprehension. Falling on his face as the earth began quaking, he sobbed and cried because his heart was breaking.

The old man, once victim, now became dad, saying, "Repent son and your heart will be glad. Jesus will change you and make you brand new. He'll take all that sin and bad stuff off you. He'll heal you and cleanse you and holding your hand, He'll lead you to a new life in His promised land." Osama was transformed, made whole on the spot as Christ removed every sin and every black blot.

Our hero jumped up in soul soaring glee saying, "I'll do good now. Just wait and see." As he ran home to tell his mother, he heard clucking and squawking; oh what a bother. A fox in a hen house was out to get eggs. Trying to foil him, the hens crossed their legs. Shrieking and clucking they said in great fear, "Alas, there'll be no Easter eggs this year."

Osama to the rescue. Quick as a flash, he saved the hens as the fox made a dash. The hens thanked him profusely, "You saved Easter! "We'd make you a plaque if we knew your name, Mister! Our eggs are painted and packaged with sweets, for children who wait all year for these treats. We'll ask the Lord for a blessing for you."

"I've already had one! I'm changed through and through!" Mom can be proud for the first time of me," said Osama as he left, delirious with glee. Easter isn't about eggs or losing or winning. It's about resurrection life, a new beginning.


However, Easter IS a perfect season to tell you we love you, though we don't need a reason. We love you summer and winter, all year long! With hugs and kisses and poems and song.

Happy Easter from Jan and Lenny Antonsson!

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