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Hustle and bustle, tinsel and trees, too many tasks and people to please. Needing to cope with holiday stress: searching to find great gifts for less, cooking and baking while trying to lose, low carb or low fat? Who's to choose?

Some say Christmas is the day of Christ's birth; others say it's NOT when He came to earth. Some believe celebrating is doctrinally wrong: no tree, no cards, and no singing a song. Still others require a festive church service. Religion's dogma can make one quite nervous.

Listening to men instead of to God takes you only where man's feet have trod. Following the Spirit rather than men allows you to walk in the Garden with Him.

When the angels declared, "Good will to men," they referred to our Father reigning within. Each time the Christ child is birthed in a heart, God gives that person a brand new start. Here's the real meaning of Christmas to me: it's a time to rejoice that God set us free.

We're imitating our Father each time we give and we give to others each day that we live. His gifts flow to us from His throne above, to share with our sisters and brothers in love. The result of giving, I'm happy to say is we celebrate Christmas every day.

Written 12/04/04 for all the Saints in the World

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