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The kingdom of God is everywhere,

as natural as breathing, as essential as air.

It doesn't exist where the king is not,

but no place in the cosmos fits that spot.

The lame are healed; the blind can see

the deaf hear; captives set free.

Sinners are saved; the sick get well

Christ won the victory over death and hell.

The King is ruling now from His throne,

calling all men sons, anointing His own.

Some can't yet see Him; their eyes shut tight,

others work to please Him with all their might.

The Year of Jubilee is very near,

when ALL men will regain what they hold dear.

Our Kinsman Redeemer has paid the price,

breaking the ties which bind like a vise.

Our inheritance is secure in word and deed,

we bless the world through Abraham's seed.

The Holy One of Israel, who never sleeps,

gave us His all, from the heights to the deeps.

He is now unveiling His eternal plan,

to wrap in His glory a creature called man.

We are justified, glorified, redeemed and set free

to fellowship with our Father eternally.


Written 9/13/04 for the Saints of the world

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

590 W. Carlisle Rd., Westlake Vilage, CA 91361


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