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Our Ship, the Galaxy 

5/29/04 From Tulsa, to Rome

Over the land, across the sea, waits a grand vacation for Lenny and me. Up through the clouds, breaking through, out of the white and into the blue. Majestic towers, mountains of white, we burst through the cumulus into the light. Wispy pillows floating below, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. We dance with God; yes, that's allowed, and play follow the leader through the clouds. We ask Him again about His glorious plan that He laid down before time began. A private occasion, to see, to hear, at 30,000 feet, our Father is near.


5/30/04 Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica, ancient ruin of Rome, revealed their culture, their markets, their homes. Without benefit of MIT, they enjoyed plumbing marvels and mock battles at sea.


Umbrella Pines at Ostia Antica, Italy

5/31/04 Rome, the Vatican

Italy's crown jewel is the city of Rome; no building is taller than St. Peter's dome. The Vatican is a state; the Pope is its king. We didn't see him or kiss his ring. The Church certainly has the "Midus touch," and of art and money, way too much.


6/1/04, Pompeii, Sorento, and Capri

Old Pompeii was covered with ash, killing all who had no time to dash. The lesson there, we saw when we looked: living close to danger will get your goose cooked. We had 25 minutes in the town of Sorento, only enough time for a cappuccino. After that, we visited Capri, a colorful rock in the azure sea. The ride was scary to the top of the hill; we covered our eyes and tried not to yell. Two vehicles passing on hairpin curves, nearly crashing, grated our nerves. When we got to the top, all was just fine; they plied us with pasta, cheese, and wine.


6/2/04 At Sea

On Wednesday, we spent the day at sea; watching the water is soothing to me. Born of water from eternity, we fellowship with God, rocked on His knee. I think of the Pilgrims who came before, seeking refuge, freedom and more. What would they think of these sailing ships, steered not by stars, but by radar blips? Food everywhere, so much to eat, and a bar serving drinks every 10 feet? Massages, movies and various classes, sightseeing and shopping with onshore passes.


Somewhere in Santorini, Greece

6/3/04 Rhodes

The port of Rhodes was one of the best, but we stayed on board ship, needing to rest. We ate and slept and enjoyed our day; later the ship was under way.


6/4/04 Santorini

We took the tender from ship to shore, and the bus to the top prepared to explore.We skipped the beach at Santorini, though it had black sand and maybe a bikini.We stopped at a winery for the fruit of the grape; the cheese and the olives weren't hard to take.We rode the cable car down the hill, fearing the donkeys would give us a spill.

 Church in Santorini

6/5/04, Mykonos

At Mykonos, a most charming Greek isle, we were surrounded by treasures and shop keepers' smiles. With Mary leading, we were never in a daze, and made our way nicely through the ancient street maze. Designed to fool pirates, they didn't fool us; we found tavernas, wind mills and our way back to the bus. We enjoyed feta cheese, tomatoes and wine, cherries with ice cream, and Turkish coffee, so fine.


 Windmills in Mykonos, Greece

6/6/04, Athens

Athens, the cradle of civilization, had ideas which enriched every nation. At the bottom of the hill, we left the bus, trudging to the top of the Acropolis. Ancient ruins, Ionian and Doric, remind us of values and lessons historic. These ruins reflect the folly of man; before Paul, they never heard God's glorious plan. They depended on logic, their minds, their will; leaving only ruins on top of a hill. We ate lunch at an outdoor cafe; shopping and strolling along the Plaka today. We dropped the Blattners at a luxury hotel; they love to travel and do it quite well! We'll miss them a lot; we had such fun, cruising the Greek islands drenched in the sun.


 The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

6/7/04, At sea

We're confused, or as they say, "all at sea;" our exact location is Greek to me. No land to steer by, nor stars by day; thankfully our captain knows the way. I'm trying to remember with all my might, that Port is left and Starboard is right. Our cabin is forward, on the Port side; dining is aft, at the end of the ride.


6/8/04, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The green hills of Croatia beckoned today; the climate is perfect for work and for play.We saw the war damage done by the Serbs and a pharmacy making meds out of herbs.A walled city dating back to the 13th century, the ravages of time are evidentiary.Proving travel is never a bore, the toilet was just a hole in the floor.The Lord took pity when He heard my pleas, leading us to a real potty, easier on the knees.We lunched on tomatoes and cheese and wine, indulged in dark chocolate and ice cream, divine!Dubrovnik is a well kept surprise, pleasing to our pocketbooks, our taste buds and eyes.I hope we can come back one day, with more time to sit and relax by the bay.We set sail a little past three, heading South in the Adriatic Sea.It won't be long until we're back in Rome, and from there, we'll be flying home.


Harbor in Dubrovnik, Croatia

6/9/04, Messina

We're in Messina, an Italian port, but we stayed aboard ship, not much to report.We like to play cards and watch CNN; after a nap, we go eat again. Soon it'll be time to go back home; we begin our return trip Friday, from Rome.We want to see how our kitties are doing, and save our Mother from worry and stewing. This cruise is a celebration of relating to people from every nation. If we could always live this peacefully, what a pleasant world it would surely be.


6/10/04 At sea

We got our instructions on how to leave, but they forgot to tell us how to grieve the ending of a fabulous trip; we'll miss the crew, who work on this ship.The food was delicious, the service fine; we enjoyed the entrees, the desserts, the wine. Lord, bless the Blattners and repay them well; please allow Dr. Mary to rest a spell. And, Lord, bless the crew, and keep them safe, throughout all the trips they take, and let them see Your face, in every country, and in every place. Thanks to Karol and also to Bart, who arranged everything right from the start. They were like good shepherds for us, in the plane, on the ship, and on the bus. I think all would agree, that it's great to travel with GalaxSea.


6/11/04, homeward bound

We're flying Delta to JFK, hoping the pilot knows the way. Europe is fun, but we can't stay; our journey begins, an endless day. Though we like to travel, to sight see, to roam, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.



Coming home from a trip is really a drag, fighting fatigue and terrible jet lag. Some days it seems we cannot win, but soon, we'll be ready to go again.

(Picture taken somewhere in the Vatican)

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