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What about Christmas do you love?

What causes your heart to sing?

Do you look forward like a little kid to just about everything?

Is it the tinsel and glitter, or the smell of fresh cut pine,

that makes you smile, and stop a while to enjoy a scene sublime?

Is it the ring ting tingling,

jing, jing, jingling of all the silver bells?

Or Christmas carols and ho ho hoing

and fresh baked holiday smells?

Overlook the merchant's hype the TV ads which scream

that buying their special "gizwhiz" will make your life a dream.

Enjoy the lights of Christmas, the mistletoe and holly,

the halls decked with lights and boughs,

and the Santas fat and jolly,

candied sweet potatoes and ham,

green beans and pecan pie,

chocolate fudge and homemade treats so rich you think you'll die.

For us, Christmas is the bond we share with special ones like you,

that puts love back in Christmas

and lasts the whole year through.

Friendship is a precious flower that blossoms over time,

becoming as rare and heady as a well aged, expensive wine.

No matter what the season brings,

a Hallmark card or not,

love is what will get us through

and we love you a lot!

Love and Hugs from

Jan and Lenny

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

74-711 Dillon Rd., Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241 (Snail Mail)

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides With Christmas

Merry Christmas, 2006

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This writing was uploaded to the web 12/06/05,

by Jan Antonsson, webmeister,

and last updated 12/05/08.