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This book was written twelve years ago now, though at the time I wasn't clear about why it needed to be written, or how it would get published. In August, 2005, God has brought into focus why we went through all the trials and tribulations He sent to bless us, and that the time is now to share it with others who might need to hear it. I'm not sure why books need forwards, but most of them have them, usually with long lists of agents, editors, and other folks who helped bring them to press. So, I want to thank my wonderful husband, Lenny for his encouragement, support, and spiritual insights, and our many friends as well. Lenny gives me daily, the best gift any human being can give to another: the blessed right to be myself with no apologies needed, and no strings attached. Of course, these accolades must include God who is my VERY best friend, my constant help in time of trouble, my cheering section, and also, my battering ram. He is currently taking a lump of coal and making a diamond out of it. The pressure is intense, but the end result will be spectacular and glorious! Parts of me are pure gold, you know. It's probably those other parts that have occasioned the events described in this book. The ideas expressed here have kind of grown up with me over the years, as I have knocked on God's door night and day for answers I can live by. These insights have helped me to grow and flourish, but no one resigned and made me pope. Whatever truth is here comes from God's Spirit, but since it is filtered through my life and my own spirit, it may have just the tiniest flaws in it here and there. Please overlook those. Throw out what you don't want or what doesn't work for you; keep that which does, and have fun with me, because in spite of the trials mentioned herein, I have had a great deal of fun with this book, and I'm definitely better off now than when I began it. I saw God revealed in places that amazed me. At times, I felt like this writing was sort of "wrung out of me," but it was a fruitful experience, because I learned a lot about the faithfulness of God, especially when times were tough. Truly I found that even when I made my bed in hell, He was there (Psalm 139:8).

In fact, the essence of the book is my report of God's faithfulness during severe duress. One of our dear friends commented after reading a rough draft, that he didn't think this book was for the general population because most people are hungering for a happy ending, but as you'll see, it has the best ending of all, not by the world's standards, but by God's. This is an extremely personal testimony of my journey into God. When we come into the presence of our Father, we must come alone, leaving our baggage outside. This includes our fears and other neurotic stuff. It is the stripping away of the "ties which bind" that is the real subject of this book. It is a process so dire that surely no one would volunteer for it, but like surgery and divorce, when the pain gets great enough, we submit to the surgeon's scalpel, the judge's gavel, and the Great Physician's remedy for all things: His love. The happy ending was actually revealed from the very beginning, when He first came into my life, though my eyes weren't opened then to discern it. For the only ending there can be for any of our stories is surely the same as the beginning thereof: God Himself. He told us, but we didn't get it, when He said, "I am the Alpha (beginning) and the Omega" (Rev. 21:6). This book is an accounting of a portion of my journey into wholeness, and it is my "offering in righteousness" unto the Lord" (Mal. 3:3).

The Spirit prompted me to republish this at this time (Fall, 2008) because millions of Americans are now going through the stripping process that Lenny and I walked through. My prayer is that each and every one will see God in the midst of their own personal fiery furnace.


Jan and Lenny Antonsson

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