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February 22. 2008

Jan's Journal

Neosho, MO

Some of you may remember the antics of our two older cats, Baby and Taffy, when we were in Sky Valley Park in 2006. They loved the brightly colored toy mice that I called "mousies." Every day, Taffy would fling them under the couch or the refrigerator and every morning I'd be on the floor with a flashlight and one of Lenny's canes trying to fish them out.

Baby and Taffy are indoor-outdoor cats and have enough to play with outside on the farm that they don't need mousies to play with inside, but we haven't let Frisky outside yet because she's afraid, and it's too cold for us to stay out there with her.

I remembered the mousies and gave her one to play with. You'd have thought it had catnip in it the way she jumped and leaped excitedly, throwing it around like it was a real mouse. These are catnip free, but there's something about the little critters which are irresistible to a playful kitty.

The first one, a dark blue mouse, she batted around so much she ripped off it's eyes and it's tail, but she still loved to throw it around. She lost it one day and we couldn't find it, so we gave her another one.

Long story short, she lost the three we had and we bought a new package. So far, the teal one and the yellow and white one are MIA; the orange and white one shows up from time to time; the blue one which is only a body without head or tail makes an appearance now and again, and the two hot pink ones usually can be found in the couch behind the cushions.

We knew she's buried them there because she diligently digs in the cracks trying to track them down. She never finds them and after a while either Lenny or I will get in there and dig them out. The other place she throws them is under Lenny's Lazy Boy Rocker. Somehow, they get in the little holes under and behind the foot rest, and I have to get on my hands and knees with the flashlight to fish them out.

Frisky is the smartest cat we have and also the liveliest. I can tell you for sure that if anyone had her perpetual motion exercise regimen, they would be as skinny as she is. She eats non stop and begs food from us every time we eat on top of her regular food, but because she runs top speed from one end of the 5th wheel to the other, she's a skinny little thing.

This morning, she had her breakfast of shredded ocean white fish and tuna in sauce, and a dollop of whipped creme cheese from Lenny's English muffin. She had been tossing the hot pink mousie around and I wasn't paying attention to what she did with it, but when I got up from the breakfast table to wash the dishes, I saw that she had put the pink mousie into her water bowl.

It struck me funny and I said, "Oh look, Lenny, a Baptist mousie. Frisky has immersed him in her water bowl." I asked her if he repented and confessed before she dunked him. He was quite water logged when I fished him out and wrapped him in a paper towel to dry. I suggested she get some baptismal robes for future use, in case the other mousies want to become Baptists.

I'm not sure the baptism did him any good, however, because he's missing again, but at least his soul is clean no matter where his body may lie.

I knew Frisky is smart and very funny, but I didn't realize until this morning that she's an evangelist as well. Perhaps she'll become the Billy Graham of the cat world. Maybe this is why the green, yellow, orange, teal and blue mousies are in hiding. They're not ready to repent yet.

The End for Now

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

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