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The Journey's End

By Jan Antonsson

Words call me from my sleep, harbingers of the dawn,

powerful, crashing, stone on rock, preparing me to move on.

What have I to say of this? What must I do, O' Lord, to find your perfect way?

"Faith, my child; my faith it is which calls you.

My faith will not let you stay and take your comfort

in words you know, in doctrines which delight and please.

I will lead you on the path which you travel on your knees.

The way up is always down through thorns and thistles sore,

but I will show you how to go, and lead you through the door.

All mankind will come along, grasping, searching for that place

where you will never hunger when you meet me face to face."

The Beginning
Jan and Lenny Antonsson

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What does Faith Have To Do With It?, Healing, Part 8


The Glory Road


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