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It was a day like no other, when brother wept with brother, never expecting to smile again. The angels watched in wonder as the veil was rent asunder and God flowed into the hearts of men.
The women came with spices, pondering what devices could help them roll the stone away. Their Lord was in the tomb, their souls wrapped in gloom; the heartache seemed there to stay.
On the first day of the week, they came their Lord to seek, drawn only by their vision. Two men in brilliant white spoke to ease their fright: "He is not here; He is risen."
What did it mean? Was it really what it seemed? Who could tell them what was what? "Be of good cheer, for He's no longer here. What you thought was lost is not!"
The angels sent them on, to Peter, James and John who marveled at the empty grave; He appeared to the eleven, saying He was bound for heaven; as was the world He came to save.
Written 3/31/09

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