The After Christmas Glow

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We didn’t  have a white Christmas, but we did get a dusting of snow, enough to remind those of us too old to go sledding or slipping around outside, what a gift that is.  Much of the country is blanketed in the white stuff.  Mammath Lakes in California got 17 feet of it.  Who can imagine that much weather?    We had a lovely day with delicious food and fine fellowship, and we trust that your holiday was also enjoyable.  After a few more days, we’ll be celebrating the beginning of 2011.  Many of us have felt that God has something in mind that’s new and different.  After all, He did say “Change is coming,” and so we await the pleasure of the Lord to reveal to us and in us His perfect will for our lives.  Most of our fellow travelers on The Glory Road are ready for something new, and so are we.

Today’s episode of Mrs. Magillacutty first aired last year and it is the final “rerun” before we introduce the new chapter.  It is called Mrs. Magillacutty Encounters the Glory of the Lord.  Ida Mae is beginning to learn experientially that God loves all His children unconditionally, short and tall, great and small, black and white and Afghanite.   Jew and Greek and all who seek shall find the Lord!

Meanwhile, all our previous writings are on The Glory Road.

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Love and blessings,  Jan and Lenny Antonsson

Happy New Year!

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