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Jan Antonsson

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December 29, 2018

Neosho, MO

“Every valley shall be exalted And every mountain and hill brought low; The crooked places shall be made straight And the rough places smooth” (Isaiah 40:4, NKJV).

Day is dying in the West, likewise the year, and it reverberates in my body also.

Trying to cling to what was, is futile.  What path to take then?  Whether to rage, rage against the dying of the light, or just go gentle into that good night is a dilemma known to all who live to old age.

The days, the years, and our bodies all give us the clue.  Raging takes too much energy, and going gentle is too scary. There must be something else.

And there is, my friends, there is.  Hope for the dawn of a new day pulses in us after the night of death gasps its last: promises of a New unspoiled year, and resurrection for the old, tired body.  

Nascence is all around, promises abound, quit thrashing;  the newness has been found.  Into the darkest night, light comes flooding in and behold, all things are truly new.  Ours is to hold on to faith that the hope which is within us, God’s love manifested, carries us to the reality of a new dawn, a new year, and a new, glorified body.  

We shall see it because Death has been swallowed up by Life Eternal for body, soul, and spirit.   And, “The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, And all flesh shall see it together; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken it” (Isaiah 40:5, NKJV).  Amen.  Jan Antonsson 

Happy New Year!

Jan Austin Antonsson

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