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Tye is the youth minister at Rocketdyne Road Church of Christ. He has a wonderful vision, to turn the fallow field just south of Maxine Austin's home into a huge garden to feed the hungry in Neosho. That field hasn't been worked in decades, so he had quite a task ahead of him. The field has been plowed, disked, rototilled, fenced and planted. May God give him grace to continue the labor and a bountiful harvest sufficient to meet the need here in this area.

The harvest begins. Scroll down to see the fruit of Tye's labors.


Tye beginning to plow a very big garden!
Rototilling is hard on the back, but he's young....

It's weeds 0, Tye 10!
Weeds are ever present.

Two tomato plants looking happy
Death to weeds! Go Tye, Go!

Corn getting a good start.
Tomatoes for salza, marinara sauce, sandwiches?

Sugar Snap Peas, looking beautiful.
Tomatoes next to rows of beets. Yum.

Beets in the middle, tomatoes to the left.
Corn, not quite as high as an elephants eye yet.

Zuccini, yellow squash, summer squash.
Tomatoes in front, cucumbers in back.

Peppers. Salsa anyone?

Broccoli - delicious rewards of his labor.
Summer squash, two kinds zuccini. Maranara sauce?

Beautiful beets!
Beets and broccoli

If you would like to shout words of encouragement, or offer to help pull weeds or pray for a bountiful harvest, or anything else to do with this worthy enterprise, here is Tye's e-mail address: 


Lenny and Jan Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

The Glory Road

We're always happy to hear from you!


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