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If rescuing at first fails, spread it on thicker.

The results will be seen just a little bit quicker.


After supper that same night, Guiseppe was nervously pacing up and down the living room, wringing his hands and worrying.

"What is the matter with you? You are wearing out the new Persian rug you just bought," scolded Maude Ann. "Thank God those children finally went to sleep. They both need a good thrashing, if you ask me. If they were my kids, they would march to my tune, or I would know the reason why. Where is your wife?" she demanded.

Before he could answer, they heard someone come in the kitchen door. "Guiseppe, where are you?" yelled Guilda. "Have you finally gone round the bend? Why did you loan Ty more money? He has not paid us back a cent from all the many times he borrowed from us before. You are ruining that kid!"

"Guilda, I am glad you are safe! Where have you been?" asked Guiseppe anxiously. "I was worried when you did not come home for supper."

"Where have I been? I will tell you where I have been. I went shopping, and do you know who I met buying out every shop in the Village? Your sister, that's who, and that blundering, 'dumb as pig tracks,' oaf of a husband of hers. They said you had loaned them the money for a shopping spree. There they were, spending money hand over fist just like they had earned it."

"But, Guilda, Honey, we did not earn it either," Guiseppe couldn't resist observing.

"That is not the point! Not the point at all!" she screeched.

"Guilda, you seem a little upset. Your breath smells of ale, and your hair reeks of cigar smoke. Have you been, er... drinking in the tavern?"

"No, Guiseppe, I would not say I have been drinking. I would say I have been guzzling, trying to drown my sorrows and forget my life," she sobbed.

"I cannot stand it anymore. Your relatives are driving me mad. Do you know that Stefan tried to light a fire under our dogs yesterday, just to see what would happen? I got two more flea bites this morning before I left, and of course, when I stopped into the Hog's Jowl for a short one, who should be there, big as your tax bill and twice as obnoxious, but that out of control, ungrateful, irresponsible, lazy, ale swigging son of yours. He is going to be the death of me yet! You had better get all these people out of my house, Guiseppe, or I am going to get out of here myself." She burst into tears and ran crying from the room.

Guiseppe followed her into their bedroom where she had thrown herself onto the bed, sobbing her heart out. "Guilda, honey, please, do not cry. I will talk to Hilga about Stefan and Juliana, and I will find Ty a place to sleep in the Village. I did not mean for him to make you crazy. It is just that when he was small, I was too busy working to be a real father to him and now I want to make it up to him. My father was never there for me and I never wanted to leave my son in the lurch like that. I only wanted to be a better father to him than my father was to me. Do you understand, Guilda?"

But his wife apparently had run out of steam, and was through talking for the time being. Either that, or the alcohol had finally kicked in because when he lifted up the pillow she had plopped on top of her head, he saw that she was asleep, the tear stains trickling down her cheeks like little rivulets of sorrow.

Sadly, he went back into the living room and said to Maude Ann, "How can she be so miserable? We have plenty of money. We are not poor."

"Well, you will be soon if you keep on handing it out to every William, Richard, or Henry who turns up looking for a handout or a loan. Listen to me, you will lose every cent if you do not find a money manager who is capable of managing your interests," Maude Ann warned him, her blue eyes flashing.

"And just who do you suggest?" he looked at her wearily.

"I can take care of that money, invest it for you wisely, protect your capital, and believe me, no one will get another red cent from you unless you want me to give it to them," boasted his mother-in-law.

"By the way, you had better tend to your knitting here at home. On several occasions, Guilda has mentioned a certain tax collector fellow who looks a lot like that actor, Paul Newmac or Newmox.... or whatever, his name is. At any rate, she seems quite smitten by him to me. You had best mind your 'P's and Q's' or your second wife will run off and leave you like the first one did," she predicted darkly.

At that, Guiseppe felt terror grip his heart, and in despair replied, "Very well. Take care of my money. It is all in the fruit cellar. From now on, I will let you be my manager. I will let you be in charge of getting rid of pests asking for loans. I will even allow you to gently ease my sister and her family on their way. I, myself, will find Ty a place to sleep in the Village tomorrow."

Hopeful that things would be better, at last, Guiseppe went into the bedroom and crawled into bed with Guilda. He put his arms around her and whispered in her ear, "Do stop worrying, Guilda, honey. Things will be better soon. I have taken steps to ensure that from now on, you will have an easier life. You will see. Things will be better than ever from now on. We will be happy, at last."

Guilda was deep in sleep, however, and soon, Guiseppe was fast asleep himself dreaming of a calmer, more peaceful time in his life when he could just enjoy himself, his wife, and his freedom from debt and worry. He dreamed that the angel Michael came to the front door and commended him for handling the money so well. He dreamed that a certain tax collector named Jonas fell down and scarred up his handsome face, and last of all, he dreamed that Tyrannious came to him for sound money management counseling and advice on how to start a new business. His dreams were so pleasant, in fact, that he slept on and did not even hear Maude Ann come to bed and begin to snore, as she did, in fact, most of the night. Alas, poor Guiseppe, he "shoulda' stood in bed."

To be continued....

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