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"And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken."

(Isaiah 40:5).


Lenny and Jan Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail) 

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In the name of our loving Father, in whom is no darkness nor shadow of turning, Welcome!


Selections From

The Glory Road, A Kingdom Highway

Writings for 2010

Reversing the Curse - Jan

Rising Up from the Rubble - Jan

The Eternal Now (2001) - Lenny

Is God Enough - Jan

Are You Enough - Jan

The Perfection Process - Jan

The Sin Eraser - Jan

Righteous Men, Good Men, and Sinners - Jan

Cheap Grace? - Jan

This Old House - Lenny (2001)

God's Garden

God's Womb - Lenny (2001)

Getting into the Kingdom - Lenny (2001)

Alive in God - Lenny (2001)

Longing for my Father - Lenny (2001)

The Unconditional of God - Lenny (2000)

Independence (2002) - Jan

Forward to The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Two - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Three - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Four - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Five - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Six - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Seven - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Eight - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Nine - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Ten - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million Dollars, Chapter Eleven - Jan

The Man Who Asked God For A Million dollars, Chapter Twelve - Jan

Indestructible Faith - Harry Robert Fox

Forgiveness - Harry Robert Fox

Writings for 2009

Surrendering to God is harder than giving a cat a pill - Jan

Working for Jesus? Surrendering to God, Part II - Jan

Fighting the Good Fight? Surrendering to God, Part III - Jan

A Covenant with Death? Surrendering to God, Part IV - Jan

The Family Fix, Surrendering to God, Part V - Jan

Your Mortal Body, Surendering to God, Part VI - Jan

Echoes from Sodom, Surrendering to God, Part VII - Jan

Judgment: His or Ours? Surrendering to God, Part VIII - Jan

Why Did Christ Have to Die? Surrendering to God, Part IX - Jan

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Jan

The Pearl of Great Price, Surrendering to God, Part X - Jan

Tested by Fiery Trials, Surrendering to God, Part XI - Jan

Birthed in Light - Jan

Sibling Rivalry, Surrendering to God, Part XII - Jan

When Parents and Churches Fail, Surrendering to God, Part XIII - Jan

The Blessed Hope of His Appearing, Surrendering to God, Part XIV - Jan

Does God Need Us? Surrendering to God, XV - Jan

Does God Need Our Faith? Surrendering to God, XVI - Jan

Valentine's Day, 2009 - Jan

The Night of the Big Bang - Jan

Can God Fail - Jan

Do All Roads Lead to God? - Jan

Higher Vibrations - Jan

We Shall All Be Changed - Jan

We Shall All Be changed, Part II - Jan

Deliverance - Jan

The Veil, Deliverance II - Jan

The Good News About Sin - Jan

The Glory of the Lord, Good News About Sin, II - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides with Christmas (2005) - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Goes to Hell and Back (2006) - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Gets the Boot (2007) - Jan

Joy to the World (Christmas, 2009) - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Encounters the Glory of the Lord (2009) - Jan

Writings for 2008

When we all get to Heaven (The Gospel According to Cats) - Jan

Greasy Grace for the Flawed Women in Jesus' Genealogy - Jan

That OTHER Place - Jan

Journey to the Mountain Top, That OTHER Place, Part II - Jan

The Mayonnaise Jar - Jan

Frisky and the Baptist Mousie - Jan

The Fear of Fear - Jan

Healing, or Stealing God's Glory? - Jan

Risky Business, Healing, Part II - Jan

The Royal Priesthood, Healing, Part III - Jan

Rest in the GIFT, Healing, Part IV - Jan

Restoring the Glory Land, Healing, Part V - Jan

Organizing the Church, Part VI - Jan

Victory Through Helplessness,Healing, Part VII - Jan

What does faith have to do with it? Healing, Part VIII

The Journey's End - Jan

The Death of Death, Healing, Part IX - Jan

The Death He Died, Healing, Part 10 - Jan

Freed From Sin, Healing, Part XI - Jan

Money, the Kingdom, and Bifocal Vision, Healing, Part XII - Jan

Flesh, Spirit, & the New Man, Healing, Part XIII - Jan

The Church, the Gospel, and God's Will, Healing, Part XIV - Jan

The End of the Law, Healing, Part XV - Jan

The Divine Possibility, Healing, Part XVI - Jan

What Shall We Do? Healing, Part XVII - Jan

The Tyranny of the Vegetable Eaters, Healing, Part XVIII

True Lies, False Prophets, and the LIGHT - Jan

Faxes from the Fiery Furnace, Forward - Jan

Faxes from the Fiery Furnace, Chapter ONE - Jan

Shame from Shiloh, Faxes,Chapter TWO - Jan

E-mail from Armageddon, Faxes Chapter THREE - Jan

Baggage from Babylon, Faxes, Chapter FOUR - Jan

Just a Note from Job, Faxes, Chapter FIVE - Jan

Joy from Jerusalem, Faxes, Chapter SIX - Jan

A Memo from Moses , Chapter SEVEN - Jan

Dancing with the Devil, Chapter EIGHT - Jan

News From Neosho, Chapter NINE - Jan

Epilogue to Faxes from the Fiery Furnace

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides with Christmas - Jan (2005)

Mrs. Magillacutty Goes to Hell and Back - Jan (2006)

Mrs. Magillacutty Gets the Boot - Jan (2007)

For Unto Us A Child is Born (2000) - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Rides Again - Jan (2008)

Merry Christmas, 2008

Happy New Year, 2008

Writings for 2007

Rebuilding David's Fallen Tent - Jan

The Tent David Built (A Clarification) - Jan

Back to Basics: The Sovereignty of God - Jan

Back to Basics II: Sovereignty and Reconciliation - Jan

Back to Basics III: A Practicum on Sovereignty - Jan

Back to Basics, IV: Out of the Box - Jan

Back to Basics, V: The Codependency Factor - Jan

Back to Basics, VI: The Tomb Is Still Empty - Jan

Back to Basics, VII: Where Is Hell? - Jan

Back to Basics, VIII: God Is Love - Jan

Back to Basics, IX: By Man Came Also - Jan

Back to Basics, X: Victory Over Death - Jan

Back to Basics , XI: Provision - Jan

Who are the Goats? - Jan

Salted With Fire - Jan

My New Glasses - Jan

Unconditional Surrender - Jan

Final Frontier, Unconditional Surrender II - Jan

Critical Mass, Unconditional Surrender III - Jan

A Praise Report - Jan's Journal

Religious Addiction, Unconditional Surrender IV - Jan

Fear Factor, Unconditional Surrender V - Jan

Salvation, the Unexpected Gift - Jan

The Journey Beyond Heaven's Gate - Jan

Conflicted by Contradictions? - Jan

God's Mother? - Jan

You ARE the Light of the World - Harry Fox

Standing in the Center of Your Own Universe? - Jan

It's Not About You! - Jan (6/19/03)

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides with Christmas - Jan (2005)

Mrs. Magillacutty Goes to Hell and Back - Jan (2006)

Mrs. Magillacutty Gets The Boot - Jan (New)

Behold the Light - Jan

Overcoming the Urge to Overcome - Jan

Writings for 2006

Everyday Resurrection - Jan

Repentance and the Kingdom - Jan

Qualifying for the Kingdom - Jan

Who do you think you are? - Jan

The Ties That Bind - Jan

Whining for Jesus (Money and the Kingdom) - Jan

Decoding Bible Mysteries - Jan

Decoding The Covenants - Jan

Decoding the Atonement - Jan

The Holy Grail, Unholy Alliance - Jan

Too Much Grace? - Jan

Meditations on the Bride - Lenny

When Grace Floods In - Jan

Predestined by Grace - Jan

Grace for our Children - Jan

Blessed are we - Jan

Free at Last; Free at Last - Jan

The End of the World? - Jan

Make Mention That His Name Is Exalted - Jan

Dragon Slayer - Jan

The Incorruptible Corinthians - Jan

ROME - Jan

The Galatian Conundrum - Jan

The Macedonian Call - Jan

The Heavens Declare (Athens) - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Goes to Hell and Back - Jan

Living in the Now - Jan

Do You Hear What I Hear -Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides With Christmas - Jan

Writings for 2005

Fixin' the Flesh - Jan

Touching the Divine - Jan and Lenny

Servant or Son? - Jan

Unmet Expectations - Jan

Thy Light has Come - Jan

The Purpose of Fellowship, Unmet Expectations, II - Jan

A Healing by the Pool - Jan

Pastorizing the Flock - Jan

The Kingdoms of This World - Jan

The Last Days - Jan

Gog and Magog, Final Battle - Jan

Judgment Day - Jan

Heaven, Fact or Fable? - Jan

The Day of the Lord - Jan and Lenny

Soul Power Revisited , Soul 6- Jan

That Tree, Soul 7 - Jan

The Far Country, Soul 8 - Jan

But is it Scriptural? - Jan

Skin For Skin - Jan

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides With Christmas - Jan

Writings for 2004

Focusing on a Pixel - Jan

Conditional Love Strikes Again - Jan

God With Skin On - Jan

Thus Saith the Lord - Jan

God's Primary Election - Jan

Burned at the stake, Excommunicated, Shunned, Left behind - Jan

The Passion of God - Jan

Beyond Words - Jan

The Other Side of the Lake of Fire - Jan

All's well in the Kingdom - Jan

Soul Power - Jan

Abraham's DNA, Soul Power II -Jan

Faith or Works? Soul Power III - Jan

Ambassadors for the Kingdom, Soul Power IV - Jan

Three blind mice, The Guilt Factor, Soul Power V - Jan

A Funeral for Sin and Death - Jan

Letting Go of the Law - Jan

Our Kinsman Redeemer, The Law Fulfilled - Jan

Spiritual Adultery, Set Free From the Law - Jan & Lenny

Lessons From Mars Hill - Jan

The Coin of the Realm - Jan

Healing - Jan

Thus Saith the Lord - Jan

The Mouth of the Lord has Spoken It - Jan

Whose Side is God On? - Jan

Translating God into Flesh - Jan

Tidings of Great Joy - Jan

The Kingdom of God - Jan

Let There Be Light - Jan

The Voice of the Lord - Jan

Over Land and Sea - Jan

Writings for 2003

Where is that man? - Jan

Who do you think you are? - Jan

Second Hand Religion - Jan

Statement of Faith, Second Hand Religion, Two - Jan

Beyond the veil, Second Hand Religion, Three - Jan

Risen from the dead, Second Hand Religion, Four - Jan

Anointing the Lord , Second Hand Religion, Five - Jan

All things under His power, Second Hand Religion, Six - Jan

The Kingdom Option, Second Hand Religion, Seven - Jan

My Father's House, Second Hand Religion, Eight - Jan

Connected to the Vine, Second Hand Religion, Nine - Jan

Chosen by God, Second Hand Religion, Ten - Jan

Labor Pains, Second Hand Religion, Eleven - Jan

Coming Home, Second Hand Religion, Twelve - Jan

A New Beginning, Second Hand Religion, Thirteen - Jan

Declaring the end from the beginning, Second Hand Religion, Fourteen - Jan

Breaking Loose - Jan

Job's Wife - Jan

"I love you," signed God - Jan

Swallowed up by Life - Jan

Sealed by the Holy Spirit - Jan

Skin for Skin (The Human Condition) - Jan

Scared to Jesus - Jan

It's not about YOU! - Jan

The only way to go is up - Jan

Unveiled by His Grace - Jan

Clarity - Jan

What have you that you did not receive? Jan

God's Unbroken Circle - Jan

Harvesting the Firstfruits - Jan

Clothed upon with Life - Jan

God's Rolling Blackout - Jan

A Sacrifice of Praise - Jan

Your covenant with death has been broken - Jan

The high cost of Love, Covenant with death, Part II - Jan

Reverse the curse, Covenant with death, Part III - Jan

God's Simple Gospel - Jan

Out of the depths I cry to Thee, O Lord - Jan

Forgiving Each Other - Jan

Hallelujah for the Cross! - Jan

The Tongues of Men and Angels - Jan

Forgiving God - Jan

Forgiving Yourself - Jan

The Mystery of the Gospel - Jan

Writings for 2002

As your soul prospers - Jan

Healing the feelings - Jan

The Source - Jan

Coming Home - Jan

Seeking the mother lode - Jan

The River of Love - Jan

God's Provision - Jan

Faith, the bridge over troubled waters - Jan

Freedom - Jan

Seeing the Unseen - Jan

A lamp shining in a dark place - Jan

Gift and Giver - Jan

Baptized in the Spirit - Jan

Bearing fruit in the kingdom - Jan

Connected to the Vine - Jan

Entering into rest without dying - Jan

Laboring to enter into rest - Jan

Independence Day - Jan

Flesh, God's Crucible - Jan

Stretch Marks - Jan

Where is the Manchild? - Jan

Mothering the Manchild - Jan

Maturing the Manchild - Jan

Struggling to get free - Jan

Transformation, Struggling to get free, II - Jan

Armageddon, Final Victory, Struggling to get free, III - Jan

Out of the box - Jan

Gift or Obligation? - Jan

About the Anointing - Jan

Have you ever heard the gospel? - Jan

From Dust to Glory - Jan

Anointing the Dust - Jan

Eternal Life, Then or Now? - Jan

What Has Faith Got To Do With It? - Jan

Religion's Deep Wells - Jan

Lame Man Walking - Jan

Bread of Heaven - Jan

Bread of Heaven, II - Jan

A Room at the Inn, Angels Among Us - Jan

Born in a Barn - Jan

Our Holiday Letter, 2000

Writings for 2001

The Evidence of Things Not Seen - Jan

Freeing the Captives - Jan

Hell is a four letter word - Jan

An Empty Vessel - Lenny

The Urim and the WHAT? - Jan

God is All in All - Lenny

Depending on God to Teach You - Lenny

Born of the Spirit - Jan

Bread of Heaven - Jan

Joined to the Lord - Lenny

The devil made me do it - Jan

The Guilt Trip - Jan & Lenny

We are risen from the dead - Jan

Let all creation praise His name - Jan

What color was their house - Lenny

The Glorious Gospel - Jan

Growing into Grace - Lenny

From Death to Life - Jan

The Everlasting Light - Jan

This Old House - Lenny

Walking on Air - Jan

The Seed of God - Lenny

The Two Covenants - Lenny

The Life giving Spirit - Lenny

Power from on High - Jan

My Father's Voice - Lenny

The Eternal Now - Lenny

Longing for my Father - Lenny

After Pentecost, Power from on High, Part II - Jan

Father of Lights - Jan

Following the Glory - Jan

The Glory Story Continued - Jan

Living in Glory - Jan

The Glory Factor - Jan

God's Womb - Lenny

More on the New Creation - Lenny

Alive in God - Lenny

Getting into the Kingdom - Lenny

The Logos and the Rhema - Lenny

The Third Temple - Jan

Resurrection Now - Lenny

From God to Us - Lenny

Trying to become what we already are - Jan

The Promise, Trying to be what we already are, Part II - Jan

Peace with God- Jan

Inheriting the kingdom - Jan

Resurrection Life - Lenny

Resurrection Life Now - Lenny

The Inheritance - Jan

Those Staggering Promises - Jan

Peace Times Three - Jan

The Death of Death - Jan

The Good News about Judgment - Jan

A Time to Heal - Jan

On Eagle's Wings - Jan

The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey - Jan

The God of the Old Testament - Jan

The Man in the Ditch - Jan

Reconciliation Scriptures

The Wedding Garment - Jan

God's Glorious Jubilee - Jan

Abounding in Thanksgiving - Jan

Blinded by the Light - Jan

Peace on earth is often hard to come by - Jan

Religion or light from God? - Lenny

And the greatest of these is Love - Jan

Writings for 2000

The Elephant in My Living Room - Jan

Beyond The Cross - Jan

The Mount Which Cannot Be Touched - Jan (Reflections on our trip to Israel)

Pictures from Israel, I

Pictures from Israel, II

Pictures from Israel, III

The Blood Covenant - Jan

Written in Blood - Jan

Trusting God to lead us - Lenny

Flowing in the Spirit - Lenny

From Glory to Glory - Jan

Growing Pains - Jan

The Unconditional of God - Lenny

The Trash Heap of All Human Fears - Jan

Baptized with Fire - Lenny

Gods Glory Road - Jan

When good things happen to bad people - Jan

Satan's Greatest Lie - Jan

Behold the Light - Jan

Behold the Lamb - Jan

'Tis the Season - Jan

Writings for 1999

Healing The Glory Land - Jan

Whose Will Is It Anyway? - Jan

God's Will - Lenny

The Funeral Celebration - Lenny

Guilt Trips & Shame Games - Jan

The Devil's In The Details - Jan

If all men are going to be saved, Why did Christ have to die? - Jan

That Beastly Bug - Jan

The Beast and the Elder Brother - Jan

A Mark of the Beast - Jan

Healing the Glory Land - Jan's Poem

God's Valentine - Jan's poem

Writings for 1998

You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You - Jan

The Primrose Path To Gehenna - Jan

"Law, Grace, & Cranky Old things" - Jan

The Seed Of Ishmael - Jan

Why Works Don't Work - Jan

Waiting For The Sonrise, The Finishing Work Of God - Jan

My Sheep Know My Voice - Jan

The Name Declared In All The Earth - Jan

Echoes From The Fall - Lenny

Occupy Till I Come - Jan

Sin And The Seed - Jan

Send In The Flames - Lenny

Echoes From The Fall, Part II - Lenny

A New Commandment I Give You - Lenny

Dead To The Law - Lenny

Dead To The Law, Part II - Lenny

New Hardware, New Software, New Life In Christ - Jan

And The Sower Went Forth To Sow - Jan

Someone Else's Glasses -Jan

Halloween, Hell, & Hind's Feet - Jan

Away In A Manger - Jan

Only Fools Or Sons Of The Most High Camp Out In MO In The Dead Of Winter - Jan

Writings for 1997

It Is Finished - Jan

Saved By His Life - Jan

The Ring, The Robe, & The Crown - Jan


For Jan's Poems, Click Below!

Some are for glory and some just for fun.

Call To Glory


Fleeing Babylon

Love Needs No Good-Byes

In Memory Of Baby Jessica

Whispers From The Throne

Reunion: The Road Back Home

Back To The Farm

Tuesday Morning Meditations

God's Valentine

Healing The Glory Land

The Breath Of God

The River

Lenny's Dog

Behold the Lamb

A Lament for my Mouse

From Glory to Glory

The Night of the Big Bang

Our Victory in Jesus

Standing on God's Promise

For Unto Us A Child is Born

Hell is a four letter word

Born From Above


I Left the Tomb Today

The Adventure

From Death into Life

Birthed in Light

Our Dad

Loose as a Goose, a Wild Goose Chase

The New Creation

A Short History of the World

The Plan

The Inheritance

The Promise

Peace with God

God Bless America

The Resurrection Sound

Judgment, a Beginning

Flying on God's Wings

Faith's Lineup

The Man in the Ditch

That Jubilee Morning

Shine, Father, Shine

A Little Town Called Bethlehem

Healing the Glory Land

Baby's Reply


Jan's Poems, 2002-2008

Some are for glory and some are just for fun.

Broke Down in Blythe

Walking the Cat

Sailing the Eternal Sea

Flow, River, Flow

Waiting for the Hand of God


Seeing God

The Word of God

Taffy's Tale

The Ancient Path, an Obituary


The Crucible


God's Rap

Gift Wrapping

Over Land and Sea

Ode to Baby and Taffy, a Mousy Tale

The Kingdom of God

The Voice of the Lord

Let There Be Light!

A Cat Named Gracius

Soaring Free

The Journey's End


Jan's Seasoned Greetings


Happy Thanksgiving! 1998

Merry Christmas! 1998

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sonny The Bunny's Easter Dilemma, 1999

Thanksgiving, 1999

Happy Holidays, 1999

A Bunny Tail, Easter, 2000

Happy Mother's Day, 2000

Happy Father's Day, 2000

Independence Day, 2000

Thanksgiving, 2000!

Tis the Season, 2000

A Valentine Poem for You, 2001

Rutherford B.Rabbit, Easter, 2001

A Special Thanksgiving Hug for You, 2001

A Little Town Called Bethlehem, 2001

Valentine Mush, 2002

Freddy the Frog, an Easter Tale

Gift Wrapping

How I Spent My Easter Vacation, 2003

A Christmas Poem, 2003

Valentine's Musings, 2004

Osama bin Bunny, an Easter Fable, 2004

Joy to the World, Christmas, 2004

More Seasoned Greetings


Valentine Musings, 2005

Thanksgiving Greetings, 2005

Seasoned Greetings, 2005

What If? Valetentine's Day, 2006

Merry Christmas, 2006

Do You Hear What I Hear (2006)

Valentine Greetings, 2007

Easter Greeting, 2007

Happy Mother's Day, 2007

Behold the Light (Christmas, 2007)

Mrs. Magillacutty Collides with Christmas - Jan (2005)

Our Thanksgiving Photos, 2008

Our Christmas Photos, 2008

Joy to the World (Christmas, 2009) - Jan

Happy New Year, 2009

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