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Looking down on innumerable galaxies and constellations,

God chose this beautiful ethereal blue earth

to be the womb to bring forth His children;

and there He chose wisdom as midwife for their birth.

The male was the firstborn; left in solitude for a while

until he felt his need for a companion; someone like his kin.

God drew the female from his side and he cried, "Eureka!

"She is bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh, female of my feminine."


He loved her, desired her, then feared her,

for her equal power seemed very great.


Without wisdom, he struggled to control her, for 6,000 years in length.

At last he is giving up his desire to control her

and in such weakness, he has found his strength.


She, who under an unconscious veil in ages past,

had seemed such a threat to his very life.

She, who once was last must now be first,

and become his glory as his wife.


*Eureka means, "I have found it" (what I was looking for),

not like the animals he had just named and found no mate among them for himself.


Jeri Fox, 2/3/02, Oceanside, CA

Jeri lives with her husband Harry at

276 N. El Camino Real, #60, Oceanside, CA 92058 (Snail Mail)

(They do not have e-mail, but you may write them at this address)

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