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God possessed wisdom from the beginning of His way;

and He gives wisdom to those who seek it, as hidden treasure.

He calls the simple to His table to provide them

with wisdom, understanding and His Spirit, without measure.

The wise are the simple who have been added to His fold,

and been filled with His Essence, as oil for their lamps.

Day by day their life shines brighter,

as they joyfully find wisdom to be better than fine gold.

By and by the foolish come, knocking at their door.

They have seen the bright light and their life is such a bore.

"Give us of your oil," they cry, "for it is getting late.

We want what you have, so we have come to your gate."

The wise reply: "Our oil is not transferable for we are not its source.

You will have to go to those who sell; and you will soon know,

that their price will cost you all that you are.

They are the voice who invited you to their table long ago!"

Jeri Fox, 03/24/03

Jeri lives with her husband Harry at

276 N. El Camino Real, #60, Oceanside, CA 92058 (Snail Mail)

(They do not have e-mail, but you may write them at this address.)

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