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Forgiveness is a river

flowing from the throne,

pulsing with His heart beat,

encompassing His own.


When we resist the flow,

we thwart His love, His power and grace,

that He gives to every mother's son

born of Adam's race.


So, let me walk into the river

until it reaches to my knees.

Let it heal my every sorrow,

every guilt and all disease.


Let me get in ever deeper,

until it comes up to my chest;

let me feel it sweep me onward

to His promised place of rest.


When I feel its power pull me

far from the carnal shore,

I know His love has claimed me,

His child forever more.


He invites all weary travelers

to enter the river's flow,

surrendering our will and power

to the one who loves us so.


When we reach the shining city,

with its gates swung open wide,

the River of Forgiveness

will carry us inside,


to the place within the portals

waiting for you and me,

the throne of God, our resting place,

beside the Crystal Sea.


We'll take our place to reign with Him;

we'll conquer time and space,

and there we'll greet our Father

and behold His lovely face.


By Jan Austin Antonsson, Nov., 1999


Jan and Lenny Antonsson

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