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The glory that haloed Sinai's height

outrayed on the planet with,

"Let there be light."

It led the children in a cloud by day,

at night, a fiery pillar guided their way.


When the glory moved,

they pulled up stakes;

wherever it stopped,

they put on the brakes.


The shechinah glory

filled the temple of God;

in the most holy place,

only the high priest trod.


Ezekiel saw the glory depart to the east.

He saw it return, God's holy love feast.

The glory clothed Jesus with radiant light.

His image changed by Shechinah might.

 They heard a voice speaking out of the cloud,

saying that three tabernacles were not allowed.

"This is my Son, sent here for you.

Listen to Him. What He says, do."


Today, is the glory where we can see?

Look in the mirror. It's within you and me.

The glory of God in our time and space,

still radiates forth from Jesus' face.


Glory shechinahs our hearts,

the temple of Him;

the true mercy seat

of Adonay, Elohim.

 June 20, 2000

Jan Austin Antonsson

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850

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