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Before the loom of time spun years

or a sun warmed any skies,

the Father's heart birthed a son

in whom salvation lies.


After brooding over darkness and deep,

Father said, "let there be light,"

the creation came forth from His love,

truly beautiful in His sight.


Made in His image and likeness,

man became a living soul,

destined for power and dominion,

yet he waited to be made whole.



Sin slithered in while angels watched.

We took the bait and plunged

from heights of glory to pits of despair;

guilt waiting to be expunged.



The greatest story ever told

from Adam to Noah's flood

is the love of God for all mankind

written there in blood.


The promise He made to Abraham,

sealed by the blood of a ram,

was that no matter the depth of sin and shame,

redemption is in the "I Am."

 God gave the law to Moses

to prove to us once and for all

that we are weak and sinful,

still reeling from the fall.

Into a sin stained, weary world,

which by His word He made,

He put on flesh and joined us;

on Him, our sins were laid.



In our stead, He went to Golgotha

where our sandals should have trod.

He took the place of the whole human race.

Behold, the Lamb of God.



The weight of sin and darkness,

He carried to the tree,

where He paid the price of our sacrifice

and redeemed us - you and me.


This is not the end of the story.

God is the Father of all men.

He will never sleep nor slumber

until all are freed from their sin.



Now we are clothed in light

as we walk in glory and grace,

reflecting the love of our Father

which shines from Jesus' face.

 May 20, 2000

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59

Neosho, MO 64850


"Written in Blood"

The Glory Road


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