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This story is dedicated to my grandchildren,

Harrison, Hannah, and Leah Dalrymple

and anyone else who is young at heart.


April, 2000

Neosho, MO

Ronald P. Rabbit, A Bunny Tail

by Jan Antonsson


This tail is of Ronald P. Rabbit

who developed a very bad habit.

He made lots of money;

became a very rich bunny

And wouldn't let anyone else have it. 

 He bought the eggs cheap from the hens,

while renting them space in his pens.

In the Easter egg biz,

he became such a whiz

that he was envied by all of his friends.

But Ronald was selfish and greedy,

He gave no thought to the needy.

He gave nothing to others

not to his sisters or brothers

some of whom looked quite seedy.


One day he was counting his money

calling himself one very smart bunny,

his arm felt a stitch;

his heart began to twitch;

and he thought, "Man, this just isn't funny."

He fell down to the ground in a heap,

not knowing if he was dead or asleep?

While he lay there as dead,

he heard a voice in his head

and a command that he just had to keep.

"Ronald, this is God speaking to you.

I've helped you to do what you do.

You help those who need it.

I won't repeat it.

Now, do what I'm telling you to. 

"Get out your checkbooks and such.

I'll tell you to whom and how much.

Give away all of your money;

you'll be a happier bunny,

and, you'll feel my healing touch."

Ron awoke to a world which was blurry,

and he knew that he had to hurry.

So, he called in his clerk,

said he'd been a jerk

but he'd do better, not to worry.

He had his clerk make a list.

and he said he had to insist

that they do it quickly

cause Ron still felt sickly

and he ordered that no one be missed.

When the folks finally got the money,

they blessed this cranky old bunny,

who had a head start

on getting a new heart

and seeing life bright and sunny.

Now Ronald is still being blessed

and his eggs are simply the best,

He's no longer greedy,

giving much to the needy.

He's found the true meaning of success.

We hope that your Easter is great

and we know that you know

that it's not really about bunnies and eggs.


Love and hugs,

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850

The Glory Road


We'd enjoy hearing from you.


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