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April, 2001

Neosho, Missouri

The Easter bunny achieved great fame. Rutherford B. Rabbit is his official name. You may find it funny to hear how a bunny found that politics was really his game.

 He began his career in the usual way, buying eggs from the special hens that lay, which he colored and packaged pretty for children in and out of the city, making everyone happy on Easter Day.


His business was great but his life was a bore. He had a lot going on, but he wanted more. He was an Easter egg whiz, who gave up the egg dyeing biz to find something more fun to explore.


One day he was watching the news on TV, and he said to himself, "Now listen, RB, run for an office which will be selected. You're a natural to get elected, in the home of the brave and the land of the free." 


 He hired a fund raiser and a manager too; they raised the cash; they knew what to do. He soon became mayor, a savvy political player and folks said, "There's no stopping you." 


Over time, he climbed higher and higher; there was nothing he couldn't acquire. From mayor to governor he went; finally, he ran for president, a position to which he could aspire.


He campaigned, shook hands, and kissed babies too from Tallahassee to Kalamazoo. Everywhere, he spoke with zest, made promises from east to west and won over the people through and through.


Election day dawned bright and clear, but soon RB had a lot to fear; for in a state he thought he had, he was defeated by a hanging chad, and he lost, though victory was very near.

Sad and dejected, disappointed and blue, RB couldn't quite think what to do. He said to himself, "Listen, sonny, it sure was easier being an Easter bunny, when I never had this kind of snafu.


"All the kids loved me and it felt so good, delivering eggs to all in the neighborhood. I thought I wanted national fame but politics is a dirty game, which I never really understood.

"I'm going back to what I was created to be, an Easter bunny, furry and free. It doesn't pay to change your stripes. It leads to grief and many gripes. I'll be the best bunny ever, wait and see."


So RB went back to being himself. Putting his political career on the shelf, he found the joy in living was doing for others and giving. and it brought him long life and good health.


God gave each of us a special place; we are His creation in time and space. When we go it alone, we end with a groan, because we all need His grace.


This is a fictional story, you see, but still, we can learn a lot from RB: to be who we are, each one a star: lovable, happy and free.

 Happy Easter to all of you super stars

from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Lenny


Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

The Glory Road

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