A long time ago and far, far away,

Jesus died on a Roman cross that day.

He came to earth to give us His life,

ending our battle with guilt and strife.

Some stay by the cross, weeping and wailing

whom the devil accuses with continuous railing.

But the tomb is empty, for all to see,

that Jesus has won total victory.

God's first born son arose from the grave;

His eternal life continues to save.

The glorified Christ lives within

delivering us daily from the power of sin.

When God looks at us, He sees His son,

the holy, blameless, unreprovable one.

The life of Christ in you and in me

is the power to win, the way to be free.

He took on flesh in time and space

for all who were lost and far from grace.

We entered His death and shared His tomb;

we arose with Him, not a moment too soon.

The cross did the job God called it to do

and now the power of death is through.

With Him, we arise from the grave's decay

to walk with Him through His brand new Day.

The dead arise; the blind can see;

the demons trembled when He set us free.

With ears unstopped, we hear His voice;

the captives are freed; all rejoice.

Throughout the world, to Gentiles and Jews,

God gives us strength to shout the Good News,

that never again will death and hell

keep us from Emmanuel.

Written March 30, 2001


Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

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