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Freddy the frog, relaxed on a log, on a lovely Easter Day.

He thought it was fun to bask in the sun

and watch the children at play.

The rabbit was cute in his Easter suit, wearing a tall, black hat.

Freddy's brain was turning; his heart was yearning,

"I want to be like that!"

He needed inspiration to get admiration just like the bunny got.

His idea was bold, but frogs are cold; warm and fuzzy they're not.

"What can I do to be like you," he asked the rabbit each day,

"I want to be loved and adored, not shrieked at and shoved away."

He puzzled and pondered, wished and wondered, "What would be the harm,

if I went to school and learned a tool for showing the world some charm?"

He took a look in the Forest phone book, and sure enough, he found,

Charm School. "How cool," he thought, as he hopped on down to town.

They thought he was funny, but needing the money,

they enrolled him right away.

It's a hard job, to take a frog from a log and make him

"Prince for a day."

They worked day and night, cause he looked a fright,

nothing at all like a rabbit.

"What can we do with the likes of you?

It is easier to change a bad habit."

He wouldn't quit and they had to admit

that he had a lot of spunk,

but a frog is a frog, log or no log; and so,

they smeared on more junk.

Setting him in a chair, they colored his hair,

and painted his eyelids blue.

His skin was so green, they wanted to scream,

but then, so would I, wouldn't you?

At last, they said, "Lift up your head,

and walk down the street with pride.

We did the best we could, but it's understood,

that frogs don't look good when dyed."

He went outside, tried to have pride,

but he was the town's laughing stock.

Afraid to stay, he hurried away;

hopping quickly around the block.

Then Freddy said, "My aching head,

what was I thinking about?"

Hopping along, he saw what was wrong,

what had caused him to pout.

He was trying, nearly dying to get the look he sought.

It was sad and really too bad, but a rabbit he definitely was not.

With determination and affirmation, Fred said,

"I'm OK the way I am."

"I AM the best frog on that old log,

and now I have a new plan."

He hurried along, humming a song, until he came to his creek.

He called a meeting, and after the greeting,

said the Mayor's job he'd seek.

Some thought him wacky, others, just tacky,

but his meaning is clear.

"Be who you are and you'll be a star,

with absolutely nothing to fear."

We emphatically state that bunnies are great,

but frogs are perfectly fine.

You can't change your stripes, only your gripes.

It doesn't pay to whine.

It matters not what color your spot,

nor what your religion may be.

Ours is a friendship which will never end,

you and Lenny and me.

Love in your heart is a very good start

to make your dreams come true.

We wish you well, and send this tale

to say "Happy Easter" to you.

Dedicated to our grandchildren,

Harrison, Hannah, and Leah Dalrymple

Jan and Lenny Antonsson

17178 Highway 59, Neosho, MO 64850 (Snail Mail)

The Glory Road


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